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Why art and skincare

At Klint, we believe that skincare is much more than the nutrient ingredients you apply on your skin. We believe that beauty comes from the inside, and that it is just as important to be comfortable in your own skin, as it is to use nourishing skincare products. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with artists that convey positive messages through their art. And even better, we get the opportunity to promote and support the artists. That is why 5 percent of sales goes directly to the artists.

Yanii Prutii


Yanii is a designer and illustrator from Karlsruhe, Germany. Her style is influenced by her love for plants, nature and self-care, which she combines to give a sense of inner peace.

About the series

The Klint series celebrates individuality and love for your own body. The connection to nature creates a feeling of openness and freedom.

Set by Yanii

Emma Rodriguez


Emma is a 28-year-old artist from Bristol, UK. Emma uses her own experiences and emotions as a source of inspiration to create universes that take people to another place.

About the series

This Klint series features bold and striking images with a warm feel. The collages represent power and self-love for our own bodies.

Set by Emma

Natascha Baumgärtner


Natascha is a 25-year-old design and illustration student based in Berlin, Germany. She uses illustrations to document her experiences in this (most of the time) great world.

About the series

This Klint series shows that beauty is much more than the prevailing ideal. To portray this, the women are depicted in different shapes and skin colors.

Set by Natascha